Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Links for the Four Steps

In the last post, I detailed four steps to take in order to find more translating jobs. Now I’ll list some links you may find helpful. This is far from a complete list, however, so make sure you do more research on your own.

A very good general resource is
A Translator’s Home Companion. This site has comprehensive listings, including of agencies and other places to find jobs.

Another good resource is
translator Cecilia Falk’s page.

1. Sign up for e-lists.

Jobs for Freelance Translators

Translation and Interpretation Jobs


Literary Translation

2. Join a professional organization, preferably a translators’ society.

American Translators Association

International Federation of Translators

American Literary Translators Association

The Translators and Interpreters Guild

Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Sveriges Facköversättarförening/Swedish Association of Professional Translators

Föreningen Auktoriserade Translatorer/Federation of Authorized Translators

3. Register with translation agencies.

There are too many agencies to list here, but the following link and the two links I mentioned first have their own lists, plus you can do an easy internet search by entering your languages and the words “translation agency.”

Translators Café

4. Talk.

I can’t help you with links here! But I can remind you to tell people that you are a translator and I suggest you add a signature with that information to all your outgoing e-mails.

If you find any other good links,
let me know!