Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Article Round-Up

Time for another article round-up!

The first
article is on the growing strength of Latin courses. As someone who studied Latin (and even attended the Latin School of Chicago!), I was happy to read that.

Next is a
piece on text analysis and the use of words.

article on preserving the Arapaho language also has an accompanying video.

Speaking of videos, I also liked this brief
one featuring physicist Murray Gell-Mann talking about languages.

review made me want to read of Roy Blount Jr.’s new book The Alphabet Juice.

Penultimately, here is an
article on on urban fiction, or “street lit”.

And finally, the
piece on translation and the U.S. This article includes quotes such as the following:

It is a commonly held assumption that Americans don’t like to read authors who write in languages they don’t understand. That belief persists here in Frankfurt, where publishers from 100 countries show off a smorgasbord of their best — or at least best-selling — books.
By and large, the American publishers spend most of the week in Hall 8, the enormous exhibit space where English-language publishers hold court.

“When you look at how much is paid for a mediocre midlist author” in the United States, he said, “and how much you have to pay to get a world-class author who has been translated into 18 languages, it is ridiculous that more people don’t invest in buying great literature.” Mr. Godine said he had purchased the rights to a foreign book for as little as $2,000.

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