Friday, February 20, 2009

A Round-Up of Articles

Time for another round-up of articles.

First, an article on apostrophe usage, which three different people sent me this article; that’s how well-known my obsession with apostrophes is!

Next, a piece by Lawrence Venuti, who is always interesting to read.

An article on spelling.

Then an article about translated literature in Sweden.

Finally, here is some interesting reading on the income of literary translators and related issues.


Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner said...

Oh, I love it. We are also completely obsessed with apostrophe mistakes, and I have been asked to leave many a place for taking pictures of huge signs with the obvious mistake. It's only one rule, basically -- how hard is it? We have an entire blog devoted to this (in German only), so here are some favorites:

No camera's (large Vegas showroom)
Two weeks notice (and it's the title of a movie!)
Open Friday's (important Vegas restaurant)

I could go on and on... Maybe we can start an apostrophe-obsessed-linguists support group? :)

B.J. Epstein said...

I'm so happy to know there are other apostrophe fans out there. I tend to annoy some of my friends by complaining incessantly about incorrect apostrophe usage!
Best wishes,