Wednesday, December 09, 2009

FAQ # 3: Research Means Just That

This FAQ is going to sound very obvious, but the number of emails I get on this makes it worth repeating.

Research means just that, i.e. research. If you want to do an MA or a PhD in translation studies, you need to be an independent and active researcher. You have to take responsibility for your own work (this is true for any subject, of course, and not just translation studies or literature). I get many emails from readers asking me for research topics, book lists, literature reviews, and other information that, if they are truly serious about doing research, they should be doing themselves.

So: if you want to be a researcher, take responsibility for your own work and do your research.


Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner said...

Very well said, my dear BJ. If you're asking the question, perhaps a PhD is not for you. Speaking of research: Dagmar is doing all of her own research (giggle, giggle) for her PhD in Romance languages: the feminist discourse in Isabel Allende's work.

Xandra said...

I totally agree!!
As a general rule, this is a main characteristic for someone in this field... RESEARCH.
So let's get down to it!