Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy 2010, and a Holiday Peeve

Ah, the holidays! Personally, I'm glad the season is over now, but I hope all you readers had a good time, and that 2010 is wonderful year for you, filled with translation and literature!

As is my custom, I recently donated money to a charity run by a major organization for the holiday season. I received a card in thanks and this card had grammar and punctuation errors! It's enough to make me not want to donate to this organization again. I've also chosen not to go to restaurants whose signs or menus have errors or to shop at stores that use apostrophes incorrectly, and so on.

This is a lesson to all of us who work with language -- we must make sure all our materials (business cards, websites, pamphlets, emails, etc) are impeccable! Otherwise, clients may choose someone else to take on the assignments.

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