Tuesday, May 11, 2010

References on Translation

I often get emails from people who ask me for reading lists and while I don't think I should do people's research for them, as I've said before, I can provide some suggestions. And if any readers come up with other books and articles that could be of use, feel free to add them in the comments.

So, for the first such list, I thought I'd offer some good introductory texts on translation. These will serve as a useful academic basis for a deeper understanding of what translation is and what translators do.

Mona Baker: In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation

Basil Hatim and Ian Mason: Discourse and the Translator

Clifford E. Landers: Literary Translation: A Practical Guide

André Lefevere: Translating Literature: Practice and Theory in a Comparative Literature Context

Jeremy Munday: Introducing Translation Studies

Peter Newmark: Approaches to Translation

Peter Newmark: A Textbook of Translation

Eugene A. Nida and Charles R. Taber: The Theory and Practice of Translation

Christiane Nord: Translating as a Purposeful Activity: Functionalist Approaches Explained

Gideon Toury: Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond


Marina Menéndez said...

I'm a Spanish>English translator. I would like to add:

García Yebra. Teoría y práctica de la traducción (1984) y En torno a la traducción (1990)

Hatim, B. & J. Munday (2004) Translation: An Advanced Resource Book. London/New York, Routledge.

Hurtado Albir (2001). Traducción y Traductología. Introducción a laTraductología.

Niranjana, T. (1992) Siting Translation, History, Post-Structuralism, and the Colonial Context

Rabadán, R. (1991). Equivalencia y traducción. Problemática de la equivalencia translémica inglés-español

Robinson, D (1997) Translation and Empire

Venuti, L. (2000). The Translation Studies Reader

And, a very interesting book that deals with the influence of translations on Argentinian literary system:

Willson, P. (2004). La Constelación del Sur. Traducciones y traductores en la literatura argentina del siglo XX

B.J. Epstein said...

Excellent -- thank you, Marina!

Best wishes,

Laurent said...

Hi There,

I also established a list of must-reads that translators themselves recommend. You'll find it on my blog right here: http://www.anothertranslator.eu/la-bibliotheque-ideale-du-traducteur/


B.J. Epstein said...

Thank you, Laurent! What a nice list you've got!

Best wishes,