Monday, March 16, 2015

Missing Translators

I really like this visual guide to translations that will be published in English in 2015, but one thing I noticed is that very few of the books list the translator’s name on the cover, or otherwise give any indication that that these books are translations. So while it’s pleasing to see the increased numbers of translations coming out in English, it’s all still rather frustrating. Why can’t we honor the translators and promote the fact that these books are translations?


Unknown said...

Recognition to #translators is a must. Why leave them out? Without them, there would be no publication.

Anonymous said...

Many authors and translation companies don't publish the names of authors and it's more than unfair for the one who actually renders the text. On the other hand, a small brochure might include the name of a translator, which was the case when translating a booklet for London Translations and Master TR Translations. Btw Rennert Translation agency is also goo in this regard.

B.J. Epstein said...

That's great that some companies are really making the effort to give translators recognition. We need more of them to do so!

Best wishes,