Sunday, January 06, 2008

Taking a Break and AWP Conference

For the next month, I will be travelling, so I won’t be posting as often. However, I will still post as possible, so do check back. Also, if you happen to be going to the conference for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs in New York City, let me know. I’ll be on a panel there on February 1 about including translation in MFA programs. Here is a description of the panel:

Translation in MFA Programs. (B.J. Epstein, J.T. Barbarese, Douglas Robinson, Geoffrey Brock, Marjolijn de Jager) MFA programs have proliferated recently, but the majority of them pointedly lack one writing form: the art and craft of translation. And yet, literary translation is a vital and challenging career that demands creativity and poetic skills. In this panel, translators, professors, MFA program directors, and translation studies researchers discuss what translation is, how it relates to creative writing, and why and how to include it in MFA programs.


Sarah Alys said...

Have fun on your travels!

Andrew Shields said...

Safe travels. Have a drink with Geoff Brock for me!

B.J. Epstein said...

Thank you both!
Andrew, how do you know Geoff Brock?

Best wishes,

Andrew Shields said...

We went to grad school in Philly and have been friends ever since!