Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Books from Finland

Books from Finland is a publication about, well, books from Finland. They've recently stopped publishing the magazine in print and have now gone over to web-only. Check out the site.


Eric Dickens said...

I prefer a paper magazine every time. But I do understand the costs aspect. "Nordisk litteratur - Nordic Literature" also folded, and did not leave behind a website, as "Books From Finland" has done. The BFF website is not bad.

But if you want a printed annual magazine of a similar type as "Nordisk litteratur", and also in English, there is "Scandinavian Newsletter", published by people in Groningen, Netherlands. Check it out:


They've published one issue (12) since their website was updated; one with a fair amount of Faroese material, as it happens.

David McDuff said...

I don't know - I think maybe the paper magazine had reached the limits of what it was able to do. The Web version could be more outward-going and interactive - but it's probably too early to tell what the future of BfF will be.

On my computer screen the orange lettering of the headings on the BfF site looks a bit faint - it could do with being slightly darker, I think.

B.J. Epstein said...

Thanks for the link, Eric. Paper may be a bit easier to read and more portable, but I think it's clear that more publications are going the e-route.

Best wishes,