Saturday, December 19, 2009

Useful References and Links

Now that I’ve changed the look of the blog, I no longer have the blog and reference list running down the side of the page. Instead, I will keep this post updated with useful links for you.

Translator Associations

  • Sveriges Facköversättarförening/ Swedish Association of Professional Translations

  • American Literary Translators Association

  • American Translators Association

  • Föreningen Auktoriserade Translatorer/ Federation of Authorized Translators

  • International Federation of Translators

  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting

  • The Translators and Interpreters Guild

    • Reference

    • Dictionary and Thesaurus

    • Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus

    • Swedish-English Dictionary

    • Svenska Akademiens Ordbok/Swedish Academy's Dictionary

    • Scandinavian Dictionary

    • Online Etymology Dictionary

    • Fact Index

    • Library Spot

    • Online Conversion

    • World Wide Words

    • Bartleby

      • Other Blogs

      • Practicing Writing

      • Ur språkens tunnlar

      • Översättarbloggen

      • Translation Times

      • Nordic Voices

      • Three Percent

      • Poems Found in Translation

      • Beyond Words

      • ALTalk Blog

      • Language Log

      • David Crystal's Blog

      • Language Hat

      • Omniglot

      • From Our Lips

      • Web Translations

      • Word du Jour

      • Life In Translation

      • Translating is an Art

      • Masked Translator

      • About Translation

      • if:book

      • Separated by a Common Language

      • Spanish Legal Translation

      • George Szirtes's blog

        • Other Translation-Related Links

        • Swansea University Translation Links

        • Inttranews Translation News

        • PEN's Guidelines for Reviewing Translations

        • Center for the Art of Translation

          Anonymous said...

          The old layout of your blog was easier to navigate...

          B.J. Epstein said...

          It was time for a change! But I may in fact change it again.

          Best wishes,

          Anonymous said...

          Oh, many thanks for including a link to my blog. By inserting that missing little L it will stop being a 'bog' and go back to being a 'blog':)

          God fortsättning!

          B.J. Epstein said...

          Sorry about that -- now fixed!

          Best wishes,