Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Round-up of Articles

Here’s another round-up of articles to read.

Here is a piece on funny movie title translations.

My lovely cousin Chad Lieberman sent me this article on untranslatable words.

Thanks to Jens Hillman for this piece on language.

We translators already knew about the bilingual advantage, but it’s nice to read about it again.

My friend, the Swedish-to-German translator Dagmar Brunow, sent me this article about the first translation from Swedish to Yiddish.

What are the 50 foreign words every English-speaker should know?

Here’s an article about the 10 most lucrative languages.

The next piece is on invented languages.

And finally, here’s an article about reviewing literary translations.


Natia said...

Great list, will take a look at all of these! Love your blog by the way, just found it today :)

B.J. Epstein said...

Thank you! Enjoy!

Best wishes,

EP said...

I liked the German doppelganger and the kitsch in the 50 Foreign Words link. I think they could have maybe added ersatz and zeitgeist while they were at it too though.