Friday, April 14, 2006


Welcome to this new blog! Here I will look at translation, language, literature, and any other related topics.

I’m originally from Chicago and now live in southern Sweden, where I translate from Swedish to English, copy edit, write, and teach English. This means that I work with language in a variety of ways, and this is great for me, since I’ve been fascinated by language for as long as I can remember.

I became interested in translation when I moved to Sweden and started to learn Swedish. In order to improve my language skills, I read children’s books. I was impressed by the quality of Swedish children’s books and began wondering how these books would sound in English and analyzing what made them work in Swedish and how that could transfer to English. Within a couple of years, I had started my own company, A Way With Words, and translation became one part of my business. Right now, I primarily do non-fiction translation (menus, recipes, contracts, instruction manuals, websites, advertisements, articles, tourist information, and so forth), but I would like to transition into working on literary translation as well. As I discovered when I first came to Sweden, there are many great literary works here that deserve an audience in English-speaking countries.

I’m excited about looking at translation in this blog and I welcome reader comments and suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brett! I'm sure this will be an interesting blog!