Friday, July 11, 2008

A Round-Up of Articles

Time for another round-up of articles!

The first
article is on the translation of Chinese menus. As you know, I love menu translations.

The next
piece is on literary lists. I personally love to make lists so I was interested in this article. What would be on a list of books about translation and/or language?

The third
article is about the Pennsylvania Dutch (actually German, not Dutch) language/dialect. What words sound like home to you?

Next, we have an
article on the disappearance of the semi-colon.

This BBC
piece is about the perfect voice.

Learning languages is another of my interests, so I enjoyed this
article on that topic, specifically on learning Hebrew.

Continuing with Hebrew, this
article is about translating to and from that language. Thank you to Erika Dreifus for sending me this article!

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