Thursday, October 01, 2009

MultiLingual Magazine

I have started receiving MultiLingual, a magazine on language, technology, and business. It is practical rather than theoretical and seems to have a focus on localization versus on translation proper, but it has some nice features, such as a list of terminology for each issue, a focus on a particular industry aspect (for example, medical translations), short news items, and a calendar of upcoming events. A recent issue had an interesting column by geographer and geostrategic content manager (a job I’d never heard of before) Tom Edwards on the country list used when we sign up for services or place an order online. I’d never even considered all the linguistic and political implications of this before, such as how certain countries do not recognize others or how some names are still up for debate. So such localization issues were new for me. This same issue had an article on global information management systems and another on “incorporating local regulations and culture into translations” and a more business-related piece on how “capitalizing on trends reduces translation costs.”

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