Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Interesting Links

Here are some new links that might be of interest to you. All of these links have been to sent to me by friends, relatives, and acquaintances, which I much appreciate!

My mother told me about the NounProject, which is a site devoted to visual language, i.e. symbols for words.

Keeping things in the family, my father sent me the link to The Phrontistery, a dictionary of unusual words.

My friend Lottie Lodge has been creating a lovely new cartoon, in which I have even been featured (as the Love Doctor, which is one of my nicknames among my friends). Lottie told me about the Sustainably Creative site.

There’s a new translation blog up. Thank you to Erika Dreifus for sending me this link!

And through one of my translation e-lists, I learned about a new site for translators from Finnish, Sami, and Finland-Swedish.

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Korean Translator said...

The cartoons are hilarious, great sense of humor.