Friday, May 04, 2012

A Round-Up of Articles

Here are some articles you might find enjoyable/interesting. I have so many articles to share with you, that I’m going to do it in two posts.

Since January, I’ve been writing for the Huffington Post. It’s been a lot of fun, because I get a chance to write about my research and to link it to current events. You can check out my articles here.

Here’s an article on reading foreign fiction.

I love Oliver Burkeman’s articles. In this one, he discusses the way languages might influence our habits, based on how closely related the future and present tenses are.

This piece from the BBC is about a young man who speaks 11 languages and uses those languages to tell us about his passion for learning them.

This website purports to offer 15,000 useful phrases for speaking/writing.

And here are tips for being happy. Life is short, so make the most of it.

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