Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Second Round-Up of Articles

Here are even more interesting articles. Most of these were sent to me by readers or by the people who wrote them/posted them. I’m always happy to receive suggestions for interesting articles on language, literature, or translation.

This piece looks at the origins of some American phrases.

I had no idea that the Irish language had had such an impact on English. This article gives some examples.

This piece on body language links back to my posts on interviewing. Be careful what you say with your appearance and with your body language.

This article looks at grammar rules.

I’m not sure what I think of this piece, which claims to have ideas for how to sound smarter. Fake a British accent? I don’t know about that. Don’t say “um” so often? Um, I guess.

Looking to learn a new language? This article suggests which languages are easiest for native English-speakers to learn. What do you think?

What English phrases are spoken/written incorrectly most often? Find out here.

I have a real passion or languages and am often embarrassed/astounded by the way in which English-speaking countries don’t encourage language-learning. Read more about thishere.

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