Friday, July 18, 2014

Tips for Translators

English-to-Hebrew translator Gili Bar Hillel recently asked other translators, including me, for tips for new translators, which she then posted on her blog. Her original post was in Hebrew, but due to popular demand, she’s now put an English version up.

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Tomasz Popielicki said...

As I am male, straight, polish, old (63) and, above all, an experienced translator and interpreter, several things strike me in your post. One is that there are only young and extremely handsome women quoted. That's bias or an ad. Second, there seems to be no interpreters or translators from other cultural circles but yours. Fair enough, but monotonous. Next, all comments seem to be politically correct and positive. Fourth, the quoted mistaking a name for something else seems an improbable pun-play. Last, perhaps the least of value for you, as you know your ways already, and have all made up your minds on the values of your work, and so need no more credits or compliments, the tips provided are as excellent as they are popularly known and almost all translators come to similar findings sooner or later, or stop translating.