Monday, December 31, 2012

Translation and Resolutions

Last year around this time, I wrote that I wanted to spend more time promoting some of “my” authors in translation in 2012. So how did I do?

Well, that certainly was not an easy task I set myself. As we know, the English-speaking world is generally pretty resistant to translation, and that is indeed what I found when trying to promote some of my favourite authors. I did get some translations accepted in literary magazines, and I wrote some articles about translation in order to help make translation more visible. So while I would have loved to do more, I feel pretty pleased with what I have accomplished.

As for 2013, I’d like to continue what I was doing in 2012. And I also want to continue with the campaign I wrote about a few posts back, to make editors and writers more aware of translation and translators. And finally, I want to do my best for the next generation of translators, which means I try to improve my teaching methods and style.

What goals will you set for the next year of translation?


Rafa Lombardino said...

We seem to be pretty much on the same page: Promoting translated authors. I've been working with Portuguese/English and have submitted a few stories from contemporary Brazilian authors to magazines as well. It is sometimes hard to quantify and qualify the result of these attempts, but the main thing is to keep on trying.

Thanks for YOUR efforts! :)

Rafa Lombardino

B.J. Epstein said...

Thank you, Rafa! And good luck with your resolution -- promoting authors in translation is definitely worthwhile!

Best wishes,

Deny Richard said...

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